Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Renaissance men and women

I read an article earlier today about Chris Kluwe, the punter for the Minnesota Vikings.  Professional football player, accomplished musician, extraordinary student, comic, philosopher, and.... miniature wargame player!  That's true, Chris Kluwe is a hard core Warmachine addict and World of Warcraft player.  Quite well known in the gaming community, Kluwe's handle is 'Loate', and is a force to be reckoned with in the gaming arena as well as within his current career path.  There might be something to be said for this 'renaissance man' and his gaming habits.  You certainly can follow Chris on his Twitter account at @

As I look around our gaming tables within the North Coast Gamers, I don't see many that could fill out a professional football team.  However I do see people that the non-gaming community might not expect to see.  Professionals, white collar and blue collar, are typically challenging each other across the tables in a board game, miniature game or slogging through some predicament within an RPG.  We too have once-professional football players, accomplished musicians, consultants, executives, CEO/CFO/CIOs, technicians, scientists, attorneys, mechanics, writers, military personnel, security guards, grocery clerks, teachers, those who are retired, and those who have not yet entered the work force.  Many of the individuals in the North Coast Gamers have held several of these roles over the years.  What I see at our events are reflections of upstanding and outstanding citizens, volunteers, mission workers, and people holding a couple of jobs to make the mortgage payment or send their kids through school.  These folks are typical Americans who simply enjoy getting together with a group of friends in a stress-free and comfortable atmosphere to shake off the stress and pressures of every day life.  Pulling out the occassional board game, having a skirmish with miniature armies, or slaying the dragons found in everyday life is a great pick-me-up and its great to see the level of comaraderie our members have with each other and how quickly they provide that same comaraderie with newcomers who are looking for that same outlet.  Although Chris Kluwe is seen as a renaissance man, I look around and see many men and women who meet the same criteria. 

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