Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flash Mob for Gamers

"Flash Mobs" are typically initiated on the internet and have been a phenomenon of the 21st century mobile media and dance culture. Organizers set up a website, e-mail list, or Twitter account that will provide the information to all interested parties who want to participate.  The notice includes the date, time, and the place to meet.  At the scheduled time, the attendees spontaneously kick into gear and dance a large routine.  Although this craze has been typically related to dancing, this craze easily applies to other interests, including gaming.

Last night was intended to be a quiet 'stay-at-home-and veg' night.  As I prepped the 'man cave' for the evening, I first decided to straighten up some of my books I had left out on the bar.  Putting the books away on the bookshelf, I had to move pull a couple of items off one shelf and move it to another.  At that time, I stumbled across a misplaced rule book for the old SF3D wargame.  Before I knew it, I had the game on the bar and reviewing some long-forgotten rules.  I struggled with a particular rule and posted a question on an old SF3D forum that I had presumed was not being followed by anyone.  To my surprise, I received a response within five minutes and a second response a couple of minutes later.  After thirty minutes, I had 7 responses and learned that two of the responders were both less than an hour drive.  It was a game in the making and I quickly deposed the idea of a quiet night wtching TV. 

The power of Twitter!  I tweeted about the luck and quickly received 4 tweets back from followers asking if we wanted company.  Tweets went out from there and in little more than two hours, I had 23 people at my house!  The impromptu event resulted in several six packs, snacks, and Joe even brought a hundred wings that quickly disappeared.  The games included a couple of rounds of SF3D and Faseri, Warhammer Fantasy, Hordes and Monsterpocalypse.  Board Games included Merchants and Marauders, Twighlight Imperium, Settlers of Catan (3d version), Ingenious, and Mansions of Madness!  It was an incredible, impromptu event.

 We've used Twitter to post some updates on our gaming activities for about a year and although we haven't been using it much, that will certainly be changing!  Setting up a following is a tough thing to do, but certainly, the more that words spread on the fun, the more people will be interested in joining in on these impromptu (and not-so impromptu) events.

We'd love to have you following us on Twitter and we certainly will reciprocate the follow.   Looking forward to havng more of these events in more public venues going forward.  Also, we'd love to have you as a member of North Coast Gamers.  Membership is Free and we encourage you and your family to join! As always, we are always interested in your feedback


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