Friday, June 15, 2012

Three Cigars that Changed the World

I love historical games.  There is something about imagining to put on a king's crown, general's feathery hat, a commander's cluster, or a sergeant's tin pot.  That 'something' is to see if you can have a different outcome than what really happened.  A different decision of troop placement, an additional disruption of supply lines of the enemy, or a feint attack could have turned the tide of not just a battle, but a war, and quite possibly the world itself.  The Weather Channel has had some really interesting episodes on how weather could have changed the world...D-Day is a perfect example, but there are hundreds more.  It's amazing how many trivial things can change the outcome of the world.  McClellan's receiving of the enemy's Special Order 191 that was found at Antietam Creek in 1862 wrapped around 3 cigars altered the battle and possibly the war itself.  World War III was possibly avoided when the fuel gauge of Soviet jets mistakenly showed low fuel causing them to turn back when they were on an attack run on US planes.  Even Napoleon's hemorrhoids possibly changed the world when he couldn't mount his horse to survey the battlefield of Waterloo.  It's pretty amazing how things could have turned out.  So, pull up a chair, keep your cigars in your breast pocket, double check your fuel, and bring along some Preparation H, and see if you could have made the world different if you were in command!


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