Sunday, July 15, 2012

Convention Survey Results

Each year our organization does a survey of its members and a comparative survey of other attendees of conventions.  We usually publish these as separate blog posts, but we decided this year to publish the results on the Social Interactions website (the nonprofit organization that sponsors the North Coast Gamers program) and then we can add the links on the blog as needed.  Happy to have any responses from folks!

Convention Survey

Those of you who followed our posts in previous years will notice that we asked the same questions but instead of posting them in a somewhat whimsical way as we had traditionally done, we thought posting the formal result and our summaries would allow you to take whatever whimsical path you wish to take in the comments!

The purpose of the survey is to understand the opinions of the attendees of local and regional conventions that provide a means for people to interact on an interpersonal level rather than virtually through social media or other online activities. Conventions offer a different paradigm for social interaction in the way that smaller, more local events cannot accomplish. On a much larger scale, conventions offer the opportunity for individuals to interact with people they are not familiar with, and voluntarily interacting socially with other individuals, drawn together by common likes. The success of such conventions is seen as very important activities that continue to draw individuals together and forge new friendships. The survey provides feedback to the organizers of such conventions with the hope that they can take advantage of the opinions of the attendees so that future events are even more successful.  The survey results are shared with teh event organizers but it should be noted that the survey is done completely independent from the convention organization itself.  Social Interactions does not take any form of payment for the work that has been put into the survey itself.  All comments are appreciated.

Origins 2012 Survey:

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