Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventuring at Cons

By Andrew Burkett

As most of you know, I have recently been appointed as NorthCoast Gamer’s Social Media Manager.  In reviewing the social media outlets that NCG have been using, I came a crossed a rarely used Blogspot account.  To remedy the lack of use, I decided to start my first blog.  With a trip to Gamerati Jamestown looming, I figured reviewing game cons would make a good subject for said blog.

I set off Saturday morning, a couple of weeks ago, East through the Ohio country side.  It is a great time of year for a drive.  Thanks to some detailed directions via Facebook posts and a few well place signs, I arrived at the well hidden Jamestown Fireman’s Banquet Hall with no issues.  The Firemen’s hall was a great venue for a small game day.  They welcomed us gamers with tasty, yet very in expensive food and opened their doors to their otherwise private tavern.

I checked in at registration and was greeted by PeteFigtree, the show’s host and organizer.  He personally walked me through registration and handed me a heaping pile of swag.  He also answered some of my questions about Gamerati and its first year in Jamestown, Pa.  There were about 50 people in attendance and a slew of different games in 3 blocks of 4 hours each.  Of course there was plenty of open gaming, play testing and demos though out the entire day. 

I surveyed the room and saw many familiar faces.  Andy Hopp, of Con on the Cob and Mutha OithCreations and Heather Hopp of Surreal Siren, had a both set up in the back.  John Hazen, of Undercity Games, was in the midst of a game of Risk 2 with his wife.  Frank Belter and Dan Britt, of MSTB Gaming and AnCon, were conversing over lunch.  Dan Cetorelli, of GaspCon, Tracy Barnett, of Sand and Steam Productions, and Paul Stefko, of Nothing VenturedGames were waiting anxiously for the comedic rap stylings of 2D6.  And at final glance I saw Tom Flanaigan, of Knights of the Night actual play podcast, and Brie Sheldon, of Gaming as Women in some heated roleplaying.

I found my way to the table provided to me and joined the other Game Master setting up their favorite games.  I had my screw you neighbor game, aptly named Screwed; the winner of AnCon 2012 Iron Geek, John Hazen and Tim Jesurun’s Karesansui; and my latest and greatest prototype, ThermoNuclear War on today’s  agenda.  For such a small con, it wasn’t hard to find players.  Pete guided a few people my way himself.

After much gaming, it was time to see who won the slew of games generously donated to the raffle.  Coincidentally, my team won the “Best Poker Hand” event which netted me a copy of Eaten by Zombies.  Fortunately for the other attendees, the prize table was so deep, almost everyone walked away with a prize.

My 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis
At the end of the day, I felt that Pete Figtree and his team of volunteers reached their goal to bring gamers together and promote regional geekery very well.  I will defiantly be attending next year’s game day and bring as many people that I can squeeze into my 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis.


This Game Convention Receives Andrew Burkett’s Seal of Approval.


  1. Awesome feedback. Thanks! Glad you had a good time.

    1. Thanks. I am glad you were my first review. I am looking forward to attending next year.